Mobile Recruitment Website Design

With the evolution of mobile phone technology and the proliferation of hand held devices such as iPhones, Blackberrys and Android Phones it is now essential for any recruitment company to promote their businesses via mobile technology.

While most websites can be accessed via a mobile phone, it is difficult to navigate around the sites and to acces the buttons and options. A dedicated mobile website is essential that your website is compatible with mobile phone browsers and it is also essential to allow the user to view the most important aspects of your website quickly - which is the case of a recruitment company - is your jobs!!

Our mobile recruitment websites are designed to match your brand, look attractive and to fit within the different screen sizes of the various hand held devices. Users may search for jobs based on keywords,s ectors and locations and may then apply or shortlist a job in order to apply later.

Take a look at mobile site and the mobile site of
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