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We were approached by one of our existing clients during Autumn 2009 and asked whether we could develop a property website. At first, we thought that this would be quite an undertaking and would require creating a substantial website from scratch. This would also involve a considerable amount of time and the cost would have had to be passed on.

We then had a brain wave! A property could be considered a "vacancy", a property seeker could be a "candidate", with the "client" being a property owner. This meant that we could deploy our jobs board system for this purpose - a eureeka moment if ever there was one!

The benefits to this are great - we get to develop a system without having to take months to develop it and our client gets it cheaper. Everyone, therefore, is happy. We also get to develop numerous websites, the latest of which is Costa Rica Property Inc - a property website covering Costa Rica (obviously).

This is their launc press release:

Costa Rica Property Inc - Real Estate - Property for Sale – Vacations

Costa Rica Property Inc is an online service that allows users or advertisers to search or advertise, vacations, property for sale, property for rent, real estate, investment opportunities, land in Alajuela, Cartago, Guanacaste, Heredia, Limon, Puntarenas, and San Jose with flights to Costa Rica , San Jose, Liberia, Quepos, Palmar.

Our portfolio includes a vast number of vacations, real estate, land, properties, investment opportunities available in all provinces in Cost Rica, examples include: Apartments, Beach Houses, Bed & Breakfast, Building Plots, Bungalows, Commercial, Complex, Condo, Condominiums, Country Houses, Detached, Eco-resorts, Farms, Finca, Hotels, Hotel Rooms, Homes, Land, New Build, Off-Plan, Retail Outlets, Retirement Homes, Rural Retreats, Jungle Retreats, Studio Apartments, Sustainable Developments, Town Houses, Vacation Rentals, Villas and many more.

For more details please visit or

This is the second property website, following on from Canary Islands Property Inc.

Further, other websites are planned for the United Kingdom and other locations around the World, all using our jobs board system!
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