Belmont Jewellers

It's always good to hear of success stories as most of the time we only hear about problems and issues, so it was a pleasure to meet with Alex and Tara from Belmont Jewellers yesterday in London.

Their website has been live for a few months now and although they admit to not promoting it much, they are receiving over 1500 unique vists to their website every month. The purpose of our meeting was to advise them of the next steps; how to increase traffic and awareness.

Thinking that traffic and business was slow, due to the lack of promotional activity, they then told me about the various items they have sold and details of the various enquiries they get!

Tara said, "We are delighted with their new website, we are very pleased with our very international response which we found rather unexpected.

Our website offers a beautiful range of
Watches, Antique Jewellery, Art Deco, Diamond pieces and and also a stunning collection of Antique Silver items.

We recieved our very first
Antique Silver Order for a pair or 1921 Silver Toast Racks which where sent to an Island off the Scottish Coast.

From our Modern silver Jewellery range we had had personal visitor who choose several of our Art Deco Style Maquisite Bracelets which he viewed first on the website The Phone has also been ringing from people want to sell their Watches and Jewellery.

We even got a call from Alabama."

Now they are going to promote it a little bit more I hope!
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