Badenoch & Clark

We are very pleased to announce the launch of three multi language websites for Badenoch & Clark, a leading international specialist recruitment company operating in the UK, The Netherlands, Germany and Luxembourg.

We were flattered to be approahced by them initially, but were able to provide them with a unique, updateable website system.

Most content management systems allow for the input of multiple languages, but the difficulty in creating a truly multi language system is being able to also translate all database fields, jobs titles, drop down menus, jobs by email, registration forms and all of the elements, created from the database.

Our admin system allows for the staff of Badenoch & Clark to log on and update their database in French, German and Dutch.

This is our initial launch press release:

“We are pleased to announce the launch of three multi language websites for Badenoch & Clark.

The websites are, and

The websites use the Virtual Consultant updateable recruitment website system, which has been upgraded to allow for the addition and display of all website content in different languages.

Each website has its own administration system where content can be added and edited in a designated language and all database fields, forms, vacancies and search boxes can also now be translated and updated without our intervention.

This is a truly self updateable, multi language, website system which can now be utilised in conjunction with our new website translation services.

This website system now allows any recruitment business to target new overseas markets.”

We are proud to support Badenoch & Clark with their European operations.
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