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It is always good to launch a new website; 1, Because it's a new portfolio item, 2, Because it shows people we have actually been doing something and 3, We can send out an invoice!

Colin Tovey, from ACT Management Solutions was a great guy to work with on this project and it is an additional incentive to help them out, now that they have launched their new Start Up Recruitment website and business.

Colin approached us after being recommended to us by Paula Reed from Alpha Executive Jobs. He had a part developed logo and a firm idea of how he wanted the site to work and to look. He provided us with firm instructions and kicked our backsides when we needed it.

Here is his thank you email today:

Hi guys,

I would like to thank all involved in the design and development of for a job well done.I know that I’ve pushed you all, but what you have produced you should be proud of… it looks and feels fantastic!

We have already received a number of comments on the new site…

  • “My god its brilliant – wasn’t expecting to see that, definitely a vibrant, fresh site – but at the same time it’s so easy to use”
  • “I love it, says senior but stylish recruiter to me – love the strap lines”
  • “Yeah I like the new logo Colin, it looks great! It’s been used in the site nicely too, draws the eye in”
  • “I think this site is excellent Colin. Did you design it? All the links work, it is easy to navigate user friendly and yet very dynamic”

So guys, thanks ever so much for your hard work & continued support…

I hope I haven’t given you too many grey hairs.

Here is part of their main press release:

ACT provides executive recruitment services for those companies seeking the highest calibre employees and those individuals looking to further their careers at the highest level.
Unlike many others ACT (Attract, Capture and Transform) uses a ‘Pure Search’ methodology, to find the best not the most visible.

Colin Tovey – Managing Director said; “We are delighted with our web presence, In today’s world of impersonal emailed CV's & job specifications, we are cutting through the use of technology to make recruitment a people focused business once again.”

We wish ACT Management Solutions the best for the future and I'm sure we'll be working with Colin and his team again.

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