A new era in the training and recruitment industry? Our client, Hostland Staffing Solutions Ltd wants to change the perception of the housing industry at a time when housing is a very "hot" subject! Here is a recent press release from them...

Do you want to work in Housing? Hostland Staffing Solutions Ltd wants to change the concept in the Housing recruitment industry. Up to present, people cannot get jobs in Housing unless they can justify years of experience in the field, but Hostland Staffing Solutions thinks the sector should move from experienced based to competency based recruitment.

Michel Ngue the Training and Development Manager, who is also responsible for Hostland Business Development, says that “Many people want to work in housing, they all have the necessary transferable skills to work in the sector, yet they are refused an opportunity because they don’t have background knowledge in Housing. I think people should be judged on their competency rather than years of experience which does not necessarily mean that they can do the job better. That is why we are giving our candidates solid background knowledge in Housing during a week intensive training course before putting them forwards for jobs. This strategy has proven very effective because all our trainees have proven to be very competent. We will continue to do so and persuade employers to consider people’s competency rather that their experience. People can work in the Housing sector for 10 years without understanding their job. They can work for years but this does not mean that they are competent in what they do, but people whom we train are competent and highly motivated for the jobs."

Hostland is a specialist training and Recruitment Company specialised in Housing, Charity and Social Care and prepares people for the following jobs:

Assessment officer, Housing officer, Supported Housing officer, Housing option adviser, Assistant manager Hostels.

Hostland has the winning strategy to meet the demand for the 50 000 workforce needed in the field by 2010. For more information visit our website http://www.hostlandstaffing.com/
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